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Lesson .11.01.01

 "You are gloveless," he said. "Your hands have been stripped."

"Yes, sir," she said. "

And your feet have been stripped," he said.

"Yes, sir," she said.

"And your face, too, as you doubtless realize," said he, "might be stripped, your features revealed to all and sundry."

 "Yes, sir," she said.

"And you realize that your body, too, may be stripped," he said, "utterly."

 "Yes, sir," she said.

"You understand all this?" He asked.

 "Yes, sir," she said. "Be good," he said to her "Yes," she whispered.

"Yes, what?" asked he. "

Yes, sir," she said.

Source: Witness of Gor - page 278-279 .

Lesson .11.01.02

In the northern villages, and in the forest towns, and northward on the coast the woman do not veil themselves, as is common in the cities to the south.

Lesson .11.01.03

The woman at the counter had been veiled, as is common with Gorean women, particularly those of high caste and of high cities.

 Many Gorean women, in their haughtiness and pride, do not choose to have their features exposed to the common view.

They are too fine and noble to be looked upon by the casual rabble.

Similarly the robes of concealment worn by many Gorean women are doubtless dictated by the same sentiments.

 On the other hand veiling is a not impractical modesty in a culture in which capture, and the chain and the whip are not unknown.

One justification for the veiling and the robes of concealment, which is not regarded as inconsiderable, is that it is supposed to provide something of a protection against abduction and predation.

 Who would wish to risk his life, it is said, to carry off a woman who might, when roped to a tree and stripped, turn out to be as ugly as a tharlarion?

Source: Rogue of Gor – page 41-42

Lesson .11.01.04

 The five veils of a Free Woman

      Last veil Freedom Veil or Veil of the citizens

      Pride veil

      House veil

      Street veil

Lesson .11.01.05

Eta, from behind me, pinned the first of five veils about my face.

It was light, and shimmering, of white silk, almost transparent.

 Then, one after the other, she added the freedom veil, or veil of the citizens, the pride veil, the house veil, and street veil.

Each of these is heavier and more opaque than the one which lies within.

The street veil, worn publicly, is extremely bulky, quite heavy and completely opaque; not even the lineaments of the nose and cheeks are discernible when it is worn; the house veil is worn indoors when there are those present who are not of the household, as in conversing with or entertaining associates of one’s companion.

 Veils are worn in various numbers and combinations by Gorean free women, this tending to vary by preference and caste.

Many low-class Gorean women own only a single veil which must do for all purposes.

Not all high-caste women wear a large number of veils.

A free woman, publicly, will commonly wear one or two veils; a frequent combination is the light veil, or last veil, and the house or street veil.

Rich, vain women of high caste may wear ostentatiously as many as nine or ten veils.

In certain cities, in connection with the free companionship, the betrothed or pledged beauty may wear eight veils, several of which are ritualistically removed during various phases of the ceremony of companionship; the final veils, and robes, of course, are removed in private by the male.

 Source: Slave Girl of Gor - page 107 – 108

Lesson .11.01.06

Some low-class, un-companioned, free girls do not wear veils.

Similarly certain bold free women neglect the veil.

 Neglect of the veil is not a crime in Gorean cities, though in some it is deemed a brazen and scandalous omission.

Source: Slave Girl of Gor - page 107 – 108

Lesson .11.01.06

In some cities, and among some groups and tribes, it might be mentioned, though this is not common, veils may be for most practical purposes unknown, even among free women.

The cities of Gor are numerous and pluralistic.

Each has its own history, customs and traditions.

On the whole, however, Gorean culture prescribes the veil for free women.

Eta fastened the fourth of five veils upon me, the house veil.

Though Eta wore only the shameful, scandalous Ta-Teera, she pinned the veils expertly.

She, now only a delicious, half-naked slave girl, had once been free. She did her work beautifully.

I felt the street veil fastened upon me.

I was veiled as might have been a rich Gorean free woman of high caste, perhaps bound for the song dramas of En’Kara.

"How beautiful," said Eta. She, standing back, observed me.

My master’s eyes appraised me.

Source: Slave Girl of Gor - page 107 – 108

Lesson .11.01.08

 It must be understood, of course, to fully appreciate what was going on, that the public exposure of the features of a free woman, particularly on of high caste, or with some pretense to position or status, is a socially serious matter in many Gorean localities.

Indeed, in some cities an unveiled free woman is susceptible to being taken into custody by guardsmen, then to be veiled, by force if necessary, and publicly conducted back to her home.

 Indeed, in some cities she is marched back to her home stripped, except for the face veil which has been put on her.

In these cases a crowd usually follows, to see to what home it is that she is to be returned.

 Repeated offenses in such a city usually result in the enslavement of the female.

Such serious measures, of course, are seldom required to protect such familiar Gorean proprieties. Custom, by itself, normally suffices.

Social pressures, too, in various ways, contribute to the same end.

An unveiled woman, for example, may find other women turning away from her in a market, perhaps with expressions of disgust.

Indeed, she may not even be waited upon, or dealt with, in a market by a free woman unless she first kneels.

 It would not be unusual for her, in a crowded place, to overhear remarks, perhaps whispers or sneers, of which she is the obvious object, such as
 “Shameless slut,”
“Brazen baggage,”
 “As immodest as a slave,”

“I wonder who her master is,” and “Put a collar on her!” And if she should attempt to confront or challenge her assailants, she will merely find such remarks repeated articulately and clearly to her face.

Source: Players of Gor – page 124 – 125

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