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Girls Ownership Papers


 Were you ever happy with a Master,

" I asked acidly.

"Oh yes," said Ute. Her eyes shone.

I looked at her disgustedly.

"What happened," I asked.

She looked down.

"I tried to bend him to my will," she said.
"He sold me."

Captive of Gor Page 83

Lesson 27.02

 It is said, in a Gorean proverb, that a man,

in his heart, desires freedom, and a woman,

in her belly, yearns for love.

The collar, in its way, answers both needs.

Slave Girl of Gor, Page 180

Lesson BH27.01

Legal document of her Ownership

The papers contain the details necessary to identify the female [or male] such as her color or hair, any marks or brand and are noted her [official papers] and her legal document of status and who her owner is.

 The documents will be kept accurate to show who she is an her owner if needed in a court of law.

Lesson BH27.02

Slave papers are seen only in the "city cultures" on Gor.

 You will not find such documents are maintain in tribes of the jungle, with the Wagon People, Savages, Alars, Rencers or up north in Torvaldslanders Information and laws regarding the accuracy of the documents

Additional measurements were taken with other instruments, such as a caliper.

With these were recorded such data as the width and length of fingers and toes, the width of her heels, the lovely tiny distance between her nostrils, and so on.

The result of this examination, of course, was to produce a network of data which, to a statistical certainty, far beyond the requirements of law, would be unique to a given female


The reservations about hair coloring are particularly acute in commercial situations.
One would not wish to buy a girl thinking she was auburn, a rare and much prized hair color on Gor, for example, and then discover later that she was, say, blond.
Against such fraud, needless to say, the law provides redress. Slavers will take pains in checking out new catches, or acquisitions, to ascertain the natural color of their hair, one of the items one expects to find, along with fingerprints and measurements, and such, on carefully prepared slave papers


I looked down at the new slave, whom I had decided to call ‘Talena’, which slave name was also entered on her papers, in the first endorsement, as her first slave name pertinent to these papers, and by means of which she could always be referred to in courts of law as, say, the slave who on such and such a date was known by the name ‘Talena.’
This did not preclude her name being changed, of course, now or later, by myself, or others.


Some female slaves, incidentally, have a pedigreed lineage going back through several generations of slave matting’s, and their Masters hold the papers to prove this.
 It is a felony in Gorean law to forge or falsify such papers.


“ How much do you want?” I asked.
“A tarsk bit,” said Appanius.
The retainers cried out with horror.
The slave looked up, startled, trembling. Lavinia gasped.
 “A tarsk bit,” repeated Appanius.
The slave wept in shame, and jerked at the manacles in frustration.
But he could not free himself.
 Well were his hands confined behind him.
 “I think I can afford that,” I said.
 “That is the most valuable slave in Ar!” said one of the retainers.
 “No,” said Appanius.
 “It is the most worthless slave in Ar .”
I removed a tarsk bit from my wallet and gave it to Appanius. “He is yours,” said Appanius.
 The tarsk bit is the smallest denomination coin in common circulation in most Gorean cities.
 “You do not mind filling out certain pertinent papers, do you?’ I asked.
 I had brought some sets of such papers with me.
 “Common slave papers?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said.
 “It is not necessary,” said one of the retainers.
 “Not at all,” said Appanius.
“You do not have an appropriate collar at hand, I gather.” “No,” I said. “If I am not mistaken,” said Marcus, “ink and a pen are in the back.” “Interesting,”
 I said. To be sure, they had been here when he had scouted the compartments.
 Doubtless they had been used before, in the course of Appanius’ acquiring new slaves
. Slave papers, too, were in the back, although I had brought my own.
Hoods, gags, ropes, and such, were in the back, too.
 “Give me the papers,” said Appanius.
 I handed him a set.
 “I will fill these out in the back, and you, Lucian, will witness them.” ... In a few moments Appanius and I had concluded our business.
 The papers had been signed, and witnessed.


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